2022 Forsaken Souls Crossover Set

Collect, Color, and Battle with your favorite characters from the Forsaken Souls tcg.

Introducing 10 new cards and 1 new Character with the stacking ability.


Stacked Cards Promo Set
New Game Mechanic

Combine Character Cards
Unlock new abilities and card effects



2022 Halloween Set

Trick or Treat with this Halloween themed set of Coloring Battle Cards.

Introducing 8 new cards and 1 new Character.



2022 Ocean Adventures Booster Set

We are happy to announce the release of the Ocean Adventures Booster Set for Coloring Battle Cards. Color your Cards and Sail the Seas in this all new Ocean themed set that brings new support cards for Pirates, Sharks, Mermaids, Dragons, Robots, and Dinosaurs, as well as one brand new Character. Each 7 Card Booster Pack will contain 5 common cards, 1 rare effect card, and 1 rare create your own card.

2022 Easter

To celebrate Spring we have released a small Easter themed Expansion set of Coloring Battle Cards adding new card effects and a New character to the battle.





2022 National Crayon Day
Dinosaurs Vs Robots

Opening a Box of Crayons opens up a World of Imagination. On March 31st Children and Adults alike, pick up their Favorite Colors for National Crayon Day.

To Celebrate this were releasing a National Crayon Day Expansion set introducing Robots and Dinosaurs to the Game.


2022 Valentines Cards

Coloring Battle Cards Valentine Cards. Exclusive 5 card Valentine set of cards using the new card layout that includes set information and card rarity. 1 Game Card is attached to each heart shaped valentine card and each of the 5 exclusive cards in the set each have a cute valentines day pun and matching artwork. Who doesnt love a realy cheesy valentines day card.

Official Retailer

I'm Excited to announce that Coloring Battle Cards will now be available at YourTurnGames.biz Make sure to Drop by and checkout there selection of other products aswell.

Coloring Battle Cards Just Released!


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