*Red indicates Advanced Rules. 
If your playing a Regular game, then ignore these sections of text.

A Standard or a 'Regular game' is played without effect cards and without special action cards. This allows for simple enjoyment of the game by all skill levels.  both by those who just play whatever card from their hand and those who like to think out each move and what and when to play each card.


Any number of people can play! Get all your friends together!
Each player requires their own deck to play.


Each player places their Character card in front of them, selects 1 card from their deck to be a special action card and place face down next to their character card, shuffles their deck, and then pickup 3 cards. 
Finally choose which player will go first and start the game.

Steps of a Turn
Step 1: Pickup Step
Pickup cards from the top of your deck until you have 3 in your hand.
Step 2: Battle Step
You can attack up to 3 times on each of your turns.
Attack another player by playing a Sword card from your hand. When a player is attacked, they may choose to play a Shield card in order to defend. Calculate the difference between the values on the Sword and Shield cards (Ex: Sword value of 3 and a Shield value of 2 = 1 damage is dealt to the defending player). If the Shield value matches or exceeds the Sword value, no damage is dealt. For each damage dealt to a player, they discard that number of cards from the top of their deck to their discard pile.
If a card has an effect, then it is activated after damage is calculated and any cards are discarded as damage.
Step 3: Discard Step
You may discard any number of cards in your hand. This is typically done to refresh your hand during the Draw Step of your next turn.


How to Win
You win the game when each opponent has 0 cards left in their deck.



Special Action Cards
Any card from your deck can be selected to be a Special Action Card, aslong as that card can be used by your character. You can play Special Action Cards at any time they would normaly be used, just as if you had them in your hand.





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