Official Card List

R=Rare   C=Common    P=Promo    S=Secret

2021 Base Set  (Alpha Set)

R  character  Dragon
R  character  Knight
R  character  Mermaid
R  character  Pirate
R  character  Shark
C  sword      Sword
C  sword      Charge
C  sword      Fairy Magic
C  sword      Catapult
C  sword      Dragon Fire
C  sword      Angry Crab
C  sword      School of Fish
C  sword      Pirate Attack!
C  sword      Cannon
C  sword      Ship
C  shield     Shield
C  shield     Wings
C  shield     Tower
C  shield     Dragon Scales
C  shield     Castle
C  shield     Shell
C  shield     Jump
C  shield     Swim Away
C  shield     Island
C  shield     Sand Castle
P  sword     Dinosaur Roar
P  shield     Unicorn Sparkle


2022 Valentines Exclusive 

R  sword    Whale you be my Valentine
C  sword    You're one in a Melon
C  sword    You're Plane awesome
C  shield    We make a great Pear
C  shield    You make my heart Race


2022 Crayon Day Expansion Set

C  character   Robot
C  character   Dinosaur
C  sword     Swift Dinosaur Strike
C  sword     Robot Dinosaur Mode
C  sword     Dinosaur Stomp
C  shield     Robot Panic Mode
C  sword     Robot Power Surge
C  sword     Robot Rampage
R  shield     Robot Copy Machine
P  shield     Dinosaur Counter
S  shield     Titan Dinosaur


2022 Easter Expansion Set

C  character   Bunny
C  sword     Egg Roll
C  shield     Robot Easter Egg
C  shield     Dragon Easter Egg
C  shield     Dinosaur Easter Egg
C  shield     Bunny Umbrella
C  shield     Bunny Hop
C  shield     Clever Bunny
R  sword     Bunny Lightning
P  sword     Egg Hunt


2022 Ocean Adventures Booster Set

R  sword    Mermaid Trident
R  shield    Pirate Trick
R  shield    Shark Reef
R  sword    Crab Wave Crash
C  sword    Mermaid Bubble
C  shield    Mermaid Warning
C  shield    Pirate Map
C  sword    Pirate Backup Cannon
C  sword    Pirate Ship
C  sword    Pet Robot Shark
C  sword    Shark Fin
C  sword    Shark Tail Slap
C  sword    Shark Bite
C  character    Crab
C  sword    Crab Clamp
C  sword    Crab Spike Claw
C  shield    Crab Armor
C  shield    Crab Shell Fortress
C  sword    Sword Fish Strike
C  sword    Sea Dragon
C  shield    Star Fish Dance
C  shield    Lighthouse
C  sword    Sea Dinosaur
C  shield    Dinosaur Dive
R  shield    Create Your own Card #1 Shield
R  shield    Create Your own Card #2 Shield
R  shield    Create Your own Card #3 Shield
R  shield    Create Your own Card #4 Shield
R  shield    Create Your own Card #5 Shield
P  sword    Pirate Fishing Lure
P  sword    Mermaid Call
S  shield    Titan Crab


2022 Halloween Set

R  character  Pumpkin
R  shield      Pumpkin Magic
R  shield      Ghost Command
C  sword      Pumpkin Scream
C  sword      Pumpkin Tangle Vine
C  sword      Vampire Bite
C  sword      Scary Bat
S  shield      Titan Pumpkin


2022  Stacked Cards Mechanic Promos

P  character   Spaceship
P  sword         Repeating Orbit


2022 Forsaken Souls tcg (Crossover set)

R  character   Champion (Black Dragon Champion)
R  shield       Knight Magic
R  sword       Dragon Champion Strike 
C  sword       Cyclops Glare 
C  sword       Werewold Shield Bash 
C  sword       Minotaur Earthquake 
C  sword       Dark Magic Wave 
C  shield       Battle Knight Armor 
C  shield       Knight Tactics 
C  shield       Battle Knight Rider 
C  shield       Ruined Castle 
P  sword       Dragon Destruction 
P  sword       Dark Magic Vortex 







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