Coloring Battle Cards are a fun and relaxing trading card game that adults can complete and play by themselves or play alongside their children for fun family game nights or amongst friends for parents night in. With easy to follow game rules, our coloring battle cards are interactive collectible cards that are do-it-yourself and allow your imagination to run wild. Choose relaxing or uplifting colors as you learn the benefits of color therapy through this fun game.

Our trading cards try to encourage a positive mindset by reducing stress and promoting relaxation through coloring and self expression. It can help to improve focus and sleep by relaxing the brain. Adult coloring has been associated with taking attention off of ourselves with mundane routines, racing thoughts or over anxious thoughts stimulated by daily stressors of jobs, parenting and well simply put…adulting. Research has shown that adult coloring is an amazing means of self-therapy and self-care and a great way to achieve mindfulness.

Enhance creativity, and promote problem solving skills that are sometimes lost or quieted by the overflowing information and demands put on today’s adults. With your own deck of cards the sky's the limit when it comes to imaginative fun. Collect and keep for yourself or trade with your children to help promote problem solving skills and social skills around the table. 


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