Coloring Battle Cards is
a Trading Card Game
for Kids and Adults
that uses simple rules
and cards you can color
and battle with your friends.

Each person requires their own deck of cards to play. It’s a great way to get the whole family around the table for a family game night!

There's Plenty of Alpha Starter Decks Left.
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Forsaken Souls tcg Crossover

From the darkness even the Forsaken could hear the  call to battle and they answered.

The Forsaken Souls Crossover Set is an 11 card Coloring Battle Cards expansion pack and 2 Promo cards featuring the characters and artwork from the Forsaken Souls tcg.

Collect, Color, and Battle with your favorite characters from Forsaken Souls.

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Ocean Adventures Booster Set

Get ready for the Ultimate Battle as you explore the oceans and customize your cards.

Including new support cards for Pirates, Sharks, Mermaids, Dragons, Robots, and Dinosaurs, as well as one brand new Character.


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